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There is little doubt that the atmosphere and ambiance in a pub or bar would not be the same without music.

Taking out a Dual Music Licence from IMRO for the use of music in your pub or bar ensures that you can legally use our vast repertoire of music to create a more positive and productive environment for your customers and staff.

You are also ensuring the music creators behind the music you use to enhance your business are fairly remunerated for their work.

Listening to Irish music in a pub was the number one activity cited by 83% of visiting tourists in a recent survey

(Source: The Contribution of the Drinks Industry to Tourism Tony Foley DCU Business School August 2014) 

music in pubs

A further survey revealed that….

91% of respondents surveyed said they liked a bar with some background music.  Over three-quarters of drinkers said that background music would encourage them to go there more often and 82% of drinkers said they would buy another drink if music that people enjoyed was being played.


Surveys commissioned by the Drinks Industry Group show that the provision of music as an ancillary service in licensed premises in Ireland has been steadily increasing over the last number of years. Some 36% of licensed premises throughout the country regularly provide live music. In addition, it was found that almost 34% of premises nationwide provide recorded music or jukeboxes. The very fact that live music has been steadily increasing attests to its value to publicans.

  • A Bord Fáilte Report showed that 2.9 million visitors to Ireland went to a pub with live music while 0.5 million visited a disco or a club.
  • The Lonely Planet Guide (2012) states that pubs are the number one tourist attraction in Ireland and describes Irish traditional music as “Western Europe’s most vibrant folk music”.

A Dual Music Licence applies to performances of copyright music within the repertoire controlled by IMRO & PPI.

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