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A Dual Music Licence from IMRO gives you access to a vast repertoire of music that you can use to transform and add value to your business. Music has the power to relax, enhance and entice. Consumers and employees enjoy better experiences when they’re surrounded by music.

Previously, businesses in Ireland that played recorded copyright music were obliged to obtain two separate licences covering different copyrights;

  • one covering the public performance of the musical work on behalf of composers, songwriters and music publishers
  • and the other covering the public performance of sound recordings on behalf of record producers and performers.

Since 2016, one Dual Music Licence covering both of these copyrights is now administered by IMRO providing a quick and efficient way for your business to get the permission it needs to play music in public.

Fill in your details below and a member of our Customer Service Team will be in touch to discuss how we can make music work for your business.


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