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Music User FAQs

FAQ on Live Events 2

Who is ultimately liable from a licensing and royalty payment perspective for live events with a paid admission? The Musician, the Promoter or the Proprietor of the Premises?

The owner of a building needs to get a licence from IMRO to play copyright music in public, regardless of the source of the music, be it the Radio, CDs, TV’s or On Demand streaming services.  They must also pay for the music played at ticketed live music events.

IMRO Live Events Tariffs

The below tariffs apply if you are operating a venue which hosts any of the following types of event and you need a licence from IMRO.
  • IMRO’s Concert Tariff (LP) applies to any ticketed live music events
  • IMRO’s Festival Tariff (MS) applies to multistage music and arts ticketed events
  • IMRO’s Classical Tariff (LC) applies to ticketed classical concerts
  • IMRO’s Variety Tariff (VT) applies to applies to ticketed theatrical presentations, stage plays or Variety Shows, where music is performed
As part of this licence, you need to declare the ticket sales revenue to IMRO for every event and pay the appropriate royalty percentage set out in the relevant tariff. You also need to provide the setlist of all the music performed at the event. If the person who is organising the event already has a Concert (Permit) Licence from IMRO, the building owner doesn’t need one too, provided the person who holds the licence pays all royalties due. Otherwise, the building owner remains liable to IMRO. By taking out the licence before the event takes place, you can avail of the Licensed Rates which are up to 50% cheaper than the Unlicensed Rates. When signing up to a Concert Licence, you will be assigned an account manager from our Live Licensing team who can help you with any questions you may have.

FAQ on Live Events

What is the VT Tariff?

The IMRO Variety and Theatrical (VT) Tariff applies to performances of copyright music within the Repertoire controlled by IMRO in theatrical presentations, stage plays or Variety Shows, admittance to which is gained by purchase of a ticket or by subscription.

It does not apply to performances at premises to which there is no admission charge.

Is a license required?

Yes, an application for a license is required in advance of the performance.

Email if you require a license.

How is the royalty calculated?

  • The royalty per event for Performances at Variety Shows or other Theatrical Presentations is calculated per 5.2.1 of the VT tariff.
  • Paragraph 5.2.3 outlines the Box Office Return information that must be submitted to IMRO.
  • A Box Office Return template can be provided for the licensee to complete.

Programme Details/Setlist

The programme/setlist for all shows must be provided to IMRO in advance and must include the following:
  • the duration of the overall Performance Time (excluding the interval) in hrs: mins: secs
  • the duration of each musical work performed during the Performing Time in hrs: mins: secs
  • A Setlist template can be provided for the licensee to complete.

Discounts to royalty rate

A discount to the royalty rate may be applicable, per paragraph 5.2.2 (and subject to paragraph 6.2. of the VT tariff).

The licensee must establish to IMRO’s satisfaction that Repertoire Controlled by IMRO is performed during less than 80% of the Performing time (i.e. provision of programme details/setlist, as outlined above).

If applicable, the royalty for the Event as calculated under paragraph 5.2.1 shall be subject to the discounts outlined in paragraph 5.2.2.

Please refer to the relevant tariff for further details.

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