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Premium Products

Premium Products Explained

The MCPSI Premium Products Scheme covers music used in DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMS, etc supplied for marketing, promotions and incentives in the Republic of Ireland.

What are the rights and formats covered under the scheme?

To copy, manufacture and distribute products as an incentive or promotion only across all formats (e.g. CD, DVD, cassette, memory stick (with space) etc.)

How do you apply for the scheme?

In order to use Commercial and/or Production music you need to apply for separate clearance for each type of use. Contact MCPS for further information on applying for this licence.

Where using Commercial music only:

To obtain clearance you must complete an Application for Licence. This should be done as far in advance as possible to ensure that clearance is obtained for when you need it.

Where using Production music only:

To obtain clearance please refer to the Production Music section of the website

Where using both Production Music and Commercial Music:

If you are using Commercial and Production music you must obtain clearance for both separately before manufacture of the product can go ahead. Please note that it is not always possible to obtain clearance for certain music for use under this scheme (especially in connection with cigarette and alcohol brands). Alternative track lists are strongly advised. If you need clearance for any sound recording copyright you will need to contact Phonographic Performance Ireland (PPI) on +353 1 280 5977.

How much do you pay?

Charges for the use of Commercial music are negotiated on an individual basis. See below for a brief guideline (applicable when products are supplied free of charge):
  • CD: 7c per musical work per unit
  • Audio-Visual Formats: 1.5c per minute per musical work per unit (subject to a min of 2c per musical work per unit).
Please note any additional costs required to obtain the product (i.e. a token offer) will usually result in an increased charge. Email: for information on rates for other formats.

How does the reporting and payment process work?

Where using Commercial music:
  1. Request submitted to MCPS
  2. MCPS discuss charges with relevant copyright holders (where MCPS members) —> Request approved
  3. MCPS inform you of charges
  4. Application for clearance submitted to MCPS
  5. Conditional clearance granted until payment received (within 7 days).
Where using Production music: View the Production Music page for further information.

What does the scheme exclude?

Discs supplied with magazines/newspapers without third party association (covered under the AP7 Covermount scheme).

What are the main restrictions of the scheme?

  • Products under this scheme may not be sold.
  • Prior approval is always required.
  • Agreed number of units manufactured only (permission for a repress should be sought to manufacture more units).
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