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AP7 (CD) Form

AP7 (CD)

  • In compliance with the copyright act 2000, we the undersigned hereby apply for a license to produce for the purpose of retail sale, analogue/digital media recordings reproducing the under mentioned works.
  • Record Company/Applicant is NOT usually the pressing plant. This should be the person responsible for paying mechanical royalties and submitting any further pressing figures.
  • If more than one artist features on the product please indicate artist as 'Various'
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY

  • Please choose one of the following and place the price in the Price field below.

    Base Price relates to 50% of the cover price of the relevant magazine publication, subject to a minimum.

    Retail Price is the price at which a retailer sells a product to a customer.
  • SideMedleyTrackTitleComposer/Previous Artist 
    Please click the '+' icon to add tracks to the AP7 form

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