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DVD / AVP Licence (Audio-visual product)

We offer two licences for companies that manufacture or distribute audio-visual products for retail sale – AVP for general interest DVDs, and DVD1 for music DVDs.

Mechanical (making copies of the music) and synchronisation (using music with visuals) rights are licensed.

What does the AVP licence Cover?

Not primary content (e.g. TV nature documentary)

AVP licence costs

8.5% of highest Published Dealer Price x MCPS claim* or, if unavailable, 6.5% of Retail Price x MCPS claim* Minutes of music in product / Length of product = *MCPS claim

Licence scope

The AVP and DVD1 Licences cover the payment of mechanical and synchronisation rights only. Royalties are paid to music publishers for the use of musical works. Sound recording rights must be licensed directly from record companies (where applicable). If your product uses MCPS production music, you also have the option to license any MCPS production music via the MCPS Ireland production music rate card. The following content can be licensed under the AVP Licence without the copyright holder approving the context in which their music is used: • artist related visuals • pre-cleared or licensed material (e.g. TV programmes that have already been broadcast • sports footage • children’s programming • fitness videos NB: Any other footage not previously broadcast would require prior approval before a licence can be granted.

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