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Individual Synchronisation (Sync) Rights

Synchronisation or “Sync” rights as they are known, are the right to include a piece of music in a production where the music is synchronised with other media. This can include TV and Radio programming and advertising, internet TV advertising, viral advertising, music streamed in the background of a website and any other situation where music is put together with another form of media.

There are many MCPS schemes which incorporate the above uses, such as TV & Radio Blanket Licences. Where music is recorded into broadcast material which is not already covered by a blanket licence, the use of the music must be cleared on an individual basis. The prior consent of the copyright owners is required unless the music is Production Music. If a programme or series has been commissioned by a broadcaster, you should first check with the broadcaster as to whether their blanket licence with MCPS will cover the programme in question.

When programmes need to be licensed individually outside of a blanket licence, some MCPS members have chosen to license the production companies directly. Other MCPS members have mandated MCPS to license works on their behalf. If MCPS is not able to arrange licences, we will be able to direct licensees to the relevant copyright owner.

Fees are based on the channel/outlet which the programme is destined for, the context in which the music will be used (e.g. ‘live’ performance to support an interview, title sequence to programme), duration of music usage and number of intended transmissions.


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