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Online Music Licences

What is LOEL+?

LOEL+ simplifies licensing for Irish – focused music services with a straightforward annual fee. It is a joint IMRO/MCPSI blanket licence which provides full access to all IMRO and MCPSI members’ repertoire.

Music Download

Allows users to download permanent copies of tracks. Music download licences are also available for karaoke services.

Music On Demand

Allows user to select individual tracks to listen to without keeping a permanent copy. Music on demand licences are also available for subscription and karaoke services.


Allows users to watch or listen to a music based webcast. They cannot select individual tracks to listen to, pause or fast forward the webcast. Webcast licences are also available for subscription services.

Interactive Webcast

Allows users to watch or listen to a music based webcast. They cannot select individual tracks to listen to but they can pause and fast forward the webcast.  Interactive webcast licences are also available for subscription services.  

Licence Fees

Annual fees are based on the service’s level of projected activity, for example, the total number of downloads in a year. Please refer to the full table of fees over the page for more information.

Reporting requirements

You need to report the music used on your service at the end of each quarter. We use this information to distribute the licence fees you have paid to our members – songwriters, composers and music publishers.

When to apply for LOEL+?

You can avail of an LOEL+ licence if your Irish music service generates more than €7,000 but less than €200,000 in annual revenue.

Other online services

Licences for smaller services

If your service generates less than €7,000 a year in gross revenue, you may find our Limited Online Exploitation Music Licence (LOEL) meets your requirements. See below for details.

Licences for larger services

If your service generates more than €200,000 a year, usage will be greater than the maximum allowance under LOEL+, or if your service will be operating across multiple territories, please contact for further information.

What rights are covered by this licence?

The MCPS mechanical right to make digital copies of music tracks. The IMRO making available/public performance right to make music available to the public over the internet and mobile devices.
Download a LOEL+ Application Form Here

What is LOEL?

The Limited Online Exploitation Licence (LOEL) covers the mechanical (MCPSI) and performing (IMRO) right in music used by online music services whose gross revenue is less than €7,000 per year. Under this scheme, applicants are required to report details of total levels of music usage, including the different types of use (eg: streaming, downloading) by the end of the clearance term.

How do you apply for the scheme?

To apply you must complete the application form and return it to us. The application can be found here. You are not cleared for the sound recording right under this scheme. Please contact Phonographic Performance Ireland Limited on 01 280 5977 or the relevant record company.

What music usage does this cover?

This covers the music usage across:
  • Online radio
  • Online/mobile TV or video
  • Music content available for download or streaming
  • Background music on a website
  • Podcasts

What are the rights covered under the agreement?

This is a joint licence and covers MCPSI (mechanical) and IMRO (performing) rights.

How much do you pay?

Digital Starter (per annum)Band A (per annum)Band B (per annum)Band C (per annum)
Limited Download/On Demand Streaming Service
Users can stream specific tracks on an on demand basis, or access limited (aka ‘tethered’) downloads of tracks on demand.
€86 + VAT<22,500 streams per annum€172 + VAT<45,000 streams per annum€344 + VAT<90,000 streams per annum€825 + VAT<225,000 streams per annum
Pure Webcasting Service continuous, programmed webcasts. Users cannot interact, e.g. pause, fast forward, skip tracks or influence output by rating tracks.€86 + VAT<82,500 streams per annum€172 + VAT<165,000 streams per annum€344 + VAT<330,000 streams per annum€825 + VAT <900,000 streams per annum
Premium and Interactive Webcasting Service Users can interact e.g. skip tracks, pause, fast forward etc, but not select specific tracks on-demand.€86 + VAT<57,500 streams per annum€172 + VAT<115,000 streams per annum€344 + VAT<230,000 streams per annum€791 + VAT <575,000 streams per annum
Permanent Download Service Users can download tracks on a permanent basis.€86 + VAT<1,250 downloads per annum€172 +VAT<2,500
downloads per annum
€344 + VAT<5,000 downloads per annum€860 + VAT <12,500 downloads per annum
Music Podcasting Service€86 + VAT<34,000 downloaded works per annum€1,172 + VAT <68,000 downloaded works per annum€344 + VAT <136,000 downloaded works per annum€860 + VAT <340,000 downloaded works per annum
Type of ServiceBand AABand ABand BBand C
Clips Service€86 + VAT 1-250 Clips made available at any one time€172+ VAT 251-500 Clips made available at any one time€344+ VAT 501-1000 Clips made available at any one time€860 + VAT 1001-2,000 Clips made available at any one time

How does the application and payment process work?

  1. Application form sent to us
  2. Application processed
  3. Confirmation of licence sent
  4. Invoice sent for total amount/Direct debit set-up
  5. Payment sent

How does the reporting process work?

Under this scheme you are required to report details of the total levels of music usage, including the different types of use (e.g streaming, downloading), to us at the end of the clearance term.

What does the scheme exclude?

The LOEL Scheme excludes:
  • The use of sound recordings – applicants should contact Phonographic Performance Ireland Ltd (PPI) or the relevant record label.
  • Use of music in advertising or sponsorship.
  • Use of music as mobile ringtones.
  • Simulcasting (broadcasting via more than one medium at the same time).
  • Reproduction of lyrics and musical notation.
  • Complete recordings of dramatico musical works (musicals, opera).
  • Music used in a context that is prejudicial to the writer or the performer of the music.
  • Moral rights.

Further Information

For further information on this licensing scheme contact the IMRO Broadcast & Online Licensing Team on +353 1 6614844 or by email at
Download a LOEL Application Form Here

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