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MCPS TV Blanket Licence

MCPS TV Blanket Licences apply to Republic of Ireland broadcasters or broadcasters providing a satellite uplink via the Republic of Ireland who wish to use musical works within general entertainment television programming. Licences are available for major TV stations as well as restricted service licences for smaller TV stations and community stations.

For Independent Production Companies, where their production is not covered under a main broadcasters blanket licence, please refer to our IPC Blanket Licence below. For queries on the TV Blankets & Programme sales please contact MCPS Ireland at:

What do the licences allow you to do?

They allow you reproduce (i.e. copy/synchronise) musical works within general entertainment television programming. They also cover the use of MCPS production music publishers’ sound recordings.

What rights are covered by the licences?

The rights covered are the mechanical synchronisation right for the commercial works and both the Mechanical Sync and Recording Sync rights of Production Music and Production Music Sound Recordings, providing access to approximately 10 million pieces of music.

An IMRO broadcast blanket agreement is needed in conjunction with this licence.

What do the licences exclude?

Adaptation, alteration, sampling or arrangement of members’ commercial music requires prior approval from the copyright owner. Reproduction of musical works as parodies, or the use of music in a deliberately derogatory way is also excluded under the TV Blanket Scheme.


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