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IMRO TV Blanket Licence

The IMRO TV Blanket Licence permits the use of millions of musical works without the need to individually clear the public performance rights.

What do the licences allow you to do?

The licence allows broadcasters operating from the Republic of Ireland to undertake the following acts in relation to musical works :

  • Broadcasting
  • Inclusion in a Cable programme service
  • Performance in Public
  • Simulcasting
  • Streaming

What rights are covered by the licenses?

“Performing Right” means, in relation to a musical work, the rights set out in section 40(1)(a)-(d) of the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000 namely the rights of:

  • Making available a copy of the work
  • Performing, showing or playing a copy of the work in public
  • Broadcasting a copy of the work;
  • Including a copy of the work in a Cable programme service

How does the licence work?

Royalties are calculated as percentage of Gross Advertising and Video On Demand/Online Player Revenue.

Broadcasters are required to submit on a monthly basis to IMRO information on all musical works broadcast on the service.

An MCPS TV Blanket Licence is required in conjunction with this licence.


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