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Music for TV Broadcast

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By granting a Broadcast Blanket Licence, IMRO can permit the use of millions musical works on your channel without having to individually clear the music copyrights. The licence provides clearance to use an exhaustive array of music you may need to attract viewers to your content – the repertoire includes the vast majority of specially commissioned music, production music, classical and chart music from Ireland, the UK and our worldwide affiliated societies including those from the United States.

If your channel is broadcasting our members’ music, producing indigenous content featuring our member’s music, and is licensed by the Broadcast Authority of Ireland for transmission in Ireland, you will need both a performing and mechanical licence. The performing licence allows you to broadcast content featuring musical works, while the mechanical licence allows you to reproduce or synch musical works into your original programming for broadcast in Ireland.

Regardless of whether you buy in your programmes or make the content yourself, if your broadcast material (programmes, adverts and trailers) contains our members’ music then you will need a licence from us.

IMRO TV Licence

IMRO TV Blanket Licence

MCPS TV Blanket Licence

MCPSI TV Blanket Licence

Independent Production Company (IPC) Licence

Independent Production Company (IPC) Licence

Secondary Exploitation / Programme Sales

Secondary Exploitation / Programme Sales

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