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Dual Music Licence Explained

The Dual Music Licence is a licence contract which covers both IMRO and PPI music copyrights.

Under law, two distinct permissions are required by businesses in Ireland who play music – one which covers the public performance of the musical work on behalf of composers, songwriters and music publishers and the other which covers the public performance of sound recordings on behalf of record producers and performers. Previously these licences were administered separately by IMRO and PPI respectively.

Since 2016, both distinct licences are included in a Dual Music Licence administered by IMRO. This arrangement makes life easier for businesses in Ireland by:

  • enabling them obtain both the required IMRO and PPI copyright music licences through a single contract,
  • receive a single invoice,
  • make a single royalty payment,
  • and administration-wise, interface with a single licensing body.
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