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IMRO Mobile App

The IMRO app is available for the most popular iOS and Android smartphones and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes and Google Play stores.

The IMRO mobile app makes registering your gig and set lists on-the-go, efficient and easy.




When are the gig submissions deadlines?

Members are encouraged to submit gigs on an ongoing basis. As a general rule, live returns should be submitted by the following deadlines:
Performances Period Submission Type Submission Deadline
January – March App/Online submissions only Mid-May
April – June App/Online submissions only Mid-August
July – September App/Online submissions only Mid-October
October – December App/Online submissions only Mid-February

How often are gig submissions paid out?

Royalties due from the Tours and Residencies scheme are paid out 4 times a year – in April, July, October and December.

How can I submit a gig notification?

Step 1: Register Works First, ensure your works are registered with IMRO.

Step 2: Create New Gig/ Copy Gig/ Edit Gig: Provide the gig details (venue, date etc.) and a set list of works played during the gig via the IMRO app.

Step 3: Confirm and Submit Tick the box on the statement that confirms your gig submission details are accurate and submit your gig

Please note: Previously registered set lists from the website’s members area are NOT accessible on the IMRO App. However, once you have created a gig, you can copy this gig which will carry over the set list you previously submitted through the app, so you don’t need to start from scratch again.

I am in a band. Does each band member need to submit gig notifications?

No. Only one member of the band should submit gig notifications and set lists to IMRO, as the submission(s) will only be processed once.

Can I submit international gig notifications?

It is very important to notify us of all your international gigs on an ongoing basis, so that we can notify the relevant society in the country where you have performed and thereby collect the royalty’s due to you.

Do I need to create a new set list for each gig I perform?

No. You can copy a previously submitted gig and use it as a template. Whats-more you can edit the setlist information within the gig template to suit your current performance submission, without having to start from scratch.

How can I create a set list?

During the gig submission process, you can create your set list. Please note that you will be unable to add your songs to a set list if they have not already been registered with IMRO via the member’s portal. Songs that are currently unregistered by you can be registered here.  

I am performing a number of covers in my set. Can I add these to my set list?

Yes. During the gig submission process, you will be able to list any cover songs you have performed, thus ensuring that the original composer of the work will receive all relevant royalties. Cover songs are not registered with IMRO, therefore you must enter song details (title, composers, performers), manually.

What if the venue I performed at cannot be found on Google Maps?

There should be very few scenarios where this might happen but if the venue is unavailable on Google Maps, there is an option to enter the venue details below it under ‘Unlisted Venue’. Please ensure that you provide us with a full address, including post codes where applicable.

Note: For gigs in the UK and Northern Ireland it is vital that you provide the correct post code for all venues in which you performed.

I manage multiple accounts, how does this work?

If you manage more than one account, you can switch between accounts within the app. From the homepage, click on the menu at the top left-hand side of the screen, then click ‘My Account’. You will be able to switch between your accounts from here.

What do ‘Processed’ gigs mean?

Processed Gigs – Live performances submitted through the Member’s Area on the IMRO Website before April 2018 (i.e. prior to the app launch), are classified as processed gigs. All live performances submitted thereafter will carry one of the following statuses: Pending, In Progress, Non-Republic of Ireland Event, Rejected, Invoiced Live Event or Paid.

What do the other gig statuses mean in ‘Filter By Status’?

Pending: Your submission has been received by IMRO.

In Progress: The Distribution Team is currently reviewing your submission.

Paid:21PXXX: Your submission has been approved and paid in the distribution referenced. You can view this paid submission on your IMRO Statement available here.

Rejected: For review in D21X: This submission is outside the date range for the current distribution however it will be reviewed in our next distribution. Please see the IMRO distribution schedule for future submissions and deadlines:

Rejected: Outside of date range: This submission is outside the accepted date range for payment and will not be paid. Please see the IMRO distribution schedule for future submissions and deadlines:

Invoiced Live Event: This submission is not valid for the Tours and Residencies scheme and will be paid out through another policy. Please see the IMRO Invoiced Live Events policy:

Non Republic of Ireland Event: This submission has taken place outside the Republic of Ireland and is deemed a foreign performance. IMRO will notify the relevant society overseas of this performance. Please see the IMRO distribution policy for Royalties from Overseas:

Rejected: Not valid for TNR Scheme: The venue of this submission is not covered under the tours and residencies scheme. Please contact IMRO if you require further assistance.  

Who can I contact if I am having problems submitting a gig or set list?

If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Distribution Team through the IMRO Help Desk.




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