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Benefits of IMRO Membership

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IMRO has earned a prominent global standing as one of the foremost performing rights organisations. This recognition is a result of our proactive approach in various key areas, including the frequency of royalty distributions, transparency in our operations, and our influential role in advocating for and safeguarding creators’ rights, especially across Europe and the USA.

In a relatively short span, IMRO’s international reputation has grown significantly. This is exemplified by our direct representation of an increasing number of major music publishers. Moreover, our membership base continues to steadily expand, encompassing members from around the world.

We have become a trusted partner for music creators who appreciate that we prioritise royalty optimisation and creators’ rights at the core of our mission.

Benefits of IMRO Membership

  • No Additional Administration Charges: With IMRO, you won’t face any extra administration charges on your overseas public performance royalty earnings. Unlike other societies that apply additional fees (which typically range from 2% – 8%), IMRO believes that the local performing rights organisation in each territory has already applied an admin charge and identified the work’s creators, so our members should not be penalised with extra costs.
  • Monthly Royalty Payments: IMRO stands out by issuing royalty payments on a monthly basis, offering more convenience compared to most other societies that pay quarterly or annually. You can easily access your royalty statements through our online members portal and register new works and live performances conveniently online.
  • Global Membership and Protection: Our membership, consisting of writers and music publishers, spans across the globe. Through our affiliated agreements with sister societies, IMRO is well-positioned to protect your interests worldwide. This ensures that your music is safeguarded and monetised on an international scale.
  • Free Membership: IMRO offers membership completely free of charge, distinguishing itself from other performing rights organisations that may charge fees for joining.
  • Personalised Customer Service: IMRO members enjoy direct access to dedicated team members in our distribution and membership departments. This personalised approach guarantees a focused and prompt level of customer service, which sets IMRO apart from other collection societies. At IMRO, we prioritise addressing your concerns promptly instead of making you wait weeks or months for responses.

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