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Muso Online Protection Solution

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IMRO Partners With MUSO To Offer Online Protection Solution

Illegal downloading affects everyone; songwriters, publishers, artists,  recording artists, audio engineers, computer technicians, record companies, producers and countless others.  Even though downloading one song may not appear as a serious crime, the accumulative impact of millions of songs downloaded is having a devastating effect on the music industry. By downloading music illegally for free means that the creators and rights holders are not being paid. IMRO is delighted to partner with MUSO to offer you a solution to this problem.

What can you do to stop it?

With MUSO, your work can be protected. Their suite of solutions aim not only to deal quickly and efficiently with illegal content, but to go beyond the endless cycle of finding and removing files and help rights-holders re-connect to the audiences and revenues lost to illegal downloading and streaming. MUSO scans over 12+ billion webpages looking for your illegal content 24/7, providing total coverage working with over 1,000 cyberlockers, streaming P2P and search engines.

What are the types of illegal content; cyberlocker, streaming, torrent?

Illegal streaming: Unlicensed sites that allow you to find and listen for songs for free instantaneously.
Torrents: Torrents are a peer-to-peer (p2p) file sharing service that allows you to download content for free.
Cyberlockers: Are online storage sites used to host illegal content, that can then be downloaded to a users computer, tablet or phone.

MUSO-IMRO Partnership

MUSO and IMRO have agreed to make available a limited number of accounts free of charge to IMRO members, enabling you to monitor one entire album, and if required, progress to issuing takedown notices. For more information, please contact

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